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Allow No Email Addon for Import and Export Users and Customers

Allow No Email Addon

$49.99 / year

Whenever you create users or customers in WordPress or WooCommerce, you need them to have at least two pieces of information: the username and the email. The username may in fact be the same as the email, but the WordPress email needs it for one simple reason, it needs to communicate with the user. For this very reason, by default, we also ask for the email when importing users or customers with our plugin to Import Users and Customers for WordPress and WooCommerce. However, in the real world, it is quite normal that you do not have the email addresses of all your users. With this plugin, you will be able to import users or customers without needing their email. The users will be created, with their username and usually with their password so they can log in and then either edit their WordPress profile or in "My account" in WooCommerce, the plugin will ask them to fill in their email. In this way, we solve a fairly common problem without losing sight of the subsequent need to have the users' email.