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Whenever you create users or customers in WordPress or WooCommerce, you need them to have at least two pieces of information: the username and the email. The username may in fact be the same as the email, but the WordPress email needs it for one simple reason, it needs to communicate with the user. For this very reason, by default, we also ask for the email when importing users or customers with our plugin to Import Users and Customers for WordPress and WooCommerce.

However, in the real world, it is quite normal that you do not have the email addresses of all your users. With this plugin, you will be able to import users or customers without needing their email.

The users will be created, with their username and usually with their password so they can log in and then either edit their WordPress profile or in “My account” in WooCommerce, the plugin will ask them to fill in their email.

In this way, we solve a fairly common problem without losing sight of the subsequent need to have the users’ email.

If you have ever used our plugin to import users and customers, you will have noticed that you need at least two columns with data: username and email. And both columns must be filled in.

It is not something that we ask for pleasure, it is that WordPress forces us to create a user, and therefore WooCommerce to create a customer, that we register both data, a username that uniquely identifies it in the system, and an email to communicate with him. In fact, it is normal that it is the same data, that is to say, that the email is also the username.

However, it is very common for users to ask us for a solution to the following problem:

We have a list of users that we want to register in WordPress, but we don’t have the emails (of all or none)

A priori it seems a little strange in this case if you have not been given before, but think for example in an event in which you are going to give a user to all attendees, you have a username for each of them but not the email of all but you want them to have a user. Or a group of any type, of clients of a company, associated with an association, to an organization… to any type of group of people where you want to register users, but you don’t have their email.

With this plugin we solve this problem, you will be able to import those users without email but then we will remind them in the first login, that they must fill it. The fact that it is not mandatory at first does not mean that it is not interesting to be able to send notifications of any kind (including for example those related to passwords).

After logging in, users will be prompted to fill in their email address. In this way we achieve two things, firstly to be able to register users without having their emails, and secondly, at the same time to have the emails available as they log in.

How do we ask for the e-mail to be filled in? In the edit WordPress profile screen or if you use WooCommerce, in the “My account” page where you fill in the data related to the user.


= 1.1.1 =
* Improved compatibility with PHP 8
* Ready for WordPress 6.4

= 1.1 =
* Included the ability to update users without email

= 1.0 =
* First release


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