Recurring Export Addon
$49.99 / year

You probably already use the option to export the users and clients of our plugin. With this module, you will be able not only to export but also to schedule them. And not just one export task, but as many as you want with the parameters you need.

The idea is simple, I need to create a daily export in a certain route of all customers, once a week to make an export of all users in another route as a backup or export every 15 minutes a list of students and then import them from another site to have synchronized lists of users and their accesses. You can create advanced solutions for synchronizing users between sites or reports of the same, without having to go exporting manually on the WordPress desktop, with tasks that run automatically.

Create as many export tasks as you want to run automatically. Choose for each one of them: in which path the file should be generated, how often it should be executed, if an email should be sent or not when the task is finished, apart from the typical filters of any export with our plugin: roles, columns, user creation date, the delimiter to use, etc. Then manage the tasks and obtain data for each one of them.

The plugin’s user export functionality was born after the import functionality, which was the first one it had, but over time it has become almost more used than the previous one.

When you import users to a WordPress site, whether it’s a blog, a store with WooCommerce, a membership or subscription of any kind, an e-learning site with LearnDash, or any other; you make users that didn’t exist before on the web, exist now. And you do it by creating them directly in Excel or getting them from another source or another system: Magento, PrestaShop, Shopify, Moodle, from an Access database… in a single click and in a massive and fast way.

When you export users it does the reverse. You get a kind of report of users that are registered on the web and that you can read directly with Excel or another spreadsheet like Google Drive, LibreOffice Calc or OpenOffice Calc or transmit those users to another system.

With this addon you can create as many recurring exports as you want. You will create export tasks and in each one of them you will be able to define:

  • What it is called
  • Whether it is active or not
  • In which path the export should be saved or if it should be sent as an e-mail attachment.
  • How often the export task should be executed: daily, hourly, etc.

You can also send an email when the export has finished and choose:

  • Recipient of this email
  • The subject and the body of this email, where you can use some wildcards
  • And if the export must be included as attachment

Apart from being able to define whether you want to export all users or only part of them, i.e. as if you were doing a standard export, you define the following filters:

  • User profile
  • Columns to include in the export
  • Date of user creation
  • Which delimiter to use in the resulting file
  • Whether or not to convert data that looks like a timestamp and in which format to do so
  • Whether or not to sort the fields alphabetically
  • And whether to double encapsulate the data to avoid that some spreadsheets, when opening the file and viewing serialized data, have problems delimiting the fields

The possibilities are as many as you can think of:

  • From sending you a daily report of the users of your system by mail so that someone from your administrative team can deal with it
  • To connecting two WordPress sites to synchronize users with each other using this tool by exporting the file to a path that another installation can read
  • Or to make a periodic backup of the users of a website

And using the filters and options we provide you can narrow down your report as much as you need:

  • Only exporting the data you are interested in from a single role, for example, the students of your Elearning
  • Or by sending a complete report on a monthly basis for a certain group of customers to a department of your company or supplier

Or really whatever you need and as always, if you need something else that the plugin does not offer, let us know so we can incorporate it. If it is something reasonable sure it will be interesting for the rest of users.


= 1.2.2 =
* Ready for WordPress 6.4
* Fixed a problem rendering wildcards in email subject and body

= 1.2.1 =
* Fixed a problem in WordPress Network activating licenses

= 1.2 =
* Ready for WordPress 6.3
* Included a new way to generate temporary file names to avoid problems with some cron executions

= 1.1 =
* Ready for WordPress 6.2
* Included a link in every task to execute this task from the admin
* New wildcards prepare to use in the path of the file: **uploads_path** for the root of the uploads folder, **timestamp** for the current timestamp when the export is generated, **current_date** for the same than before but using a date in format Ymdhi
* Now you can choose to export only users from last execution

= 1.0 =
* First release


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