Recurring Export Addon

for Import and Export Users and Customers

Create multiple automatic export tasks of users by customizing all the details of each of them: the filters to apply to the export, the path of the file to be generated, how often it should be generated, if an email is sent for each export and if the email contains the result of the export, as well as the body and subject of the email… among others.


Edit a task recuring user export


Recurring export tasks

With this addon you can create as many recurring exports as you want. You will create export tasks and in each one of them you will be able to define:

  • What it is called
  • Whether it is active or not
  • In which path the export should be saved or if it should be sent as an e-mail attachment.
  • How often the export task should be executed: daily, hourly, etc.

Notify by EMAIL

Send an email when task is finished

You can also send an email when the export has finished and choose:

  • Recipient of this email
  • The subject and the body of this email, where you can use some wildcards like **name** to show the name, **path** to show the path, or **last_execution** to show the finish execution time of the task
  • And if the export must be included as an attachment
Recurring Export Addon for Import and Export Users and Customers - Email options
Recurring Export Addon for Import and Export Users and Customers - Export filters


Use the same export filters that you are already familiar with

Apart from being able to define whether you want to export all users or only part of them, i.e. as if you were doing a standard export, you define the following filters:

  • User profile
  • Columns to include in the export
  • Date of user creation
  • Which delimiter to use in the resulting file
  • Whether or not to convert data that looks like a timestamp and in which format to do so
  • Whether or not to sort the fields alphabetically
  • And whether to double encapsulate the data to avoid that some spreadsheets, when opening the file and viewing serialized data, have problems delimiting the fields


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Import and Export Users and Customers

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