Payment Schedule for WooCommerce Subscriptions

Choose the start and end date of the subscriptions you sell, regardless of when they are purchased. Display the subscription payment schedule and personalize the message your customers see in each subscription.


Take control of your subscription schedule


Take control of your subscription schedule

Manage when each subscription starts and ends independently of when your customer buys it. You can have the buyers of a subscription all start paying on the same day, end on the same day and make their payments on the same day of each month, for example.

You can use a fixed date or a calculated one:  first day of next month, first day of next year, last day next month, last day this year, last day next year.


Check it and show it

Check how many payments will be made, when and how much. Show it to your customers as well.

Custom the messages


Custom the messages

Customise WooCommerce Subscriptions strings to inform your customers in a natural and correct way.


Preserve or not the billing schedule

By default WooCommerce Subscriptions will calculate the next payment date for a subscription from the time of the last payment. 

With this plugin, you can choose in every product, if you want to do it, or if you prefer change it to calculate the next payment date from the scheduled payment date, not the time the payment was actually processed.

preserve billing schedule WooCommerce Subscriptions


Pro version

This is a pro version of First Payment Dates for WooCommerce Subscriptions, a plugin that we released some time ago in the repository and that has been serving thousands of users for years. This plugin, following its philosophy, adds new features and offers a truly premium support service to make it easier for everyone to adjust WooCommerce Subscriptions to their needs.

First Payment Date for WooCommerce Subscriptions

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